BEST ACTOR - Jeremie Earp-Lavergne

BEST SCREENPLAY – Renaud Gauthier



Amis distributeurs, je vous engage vivement à prendre en compte la supplique de Renaud Gauthier, réalisateur et scénariste de Discopathe. Ce petit génie québécois cherche un distributeur européen. Au vu de la standing ovation que le public réserva à cette pépite, cette demande n’est en rien abusive. Pour en lire plus, cliquez ICI

- Daniel Rezzo, Le passeur critique


Overall, I would say Discopath is an incredibly dark, but occasionally very funny film that will divide an audience – delighting some and alienating others. I’m very glad I’m in the first camp and I look forward to more of Renaud Gauthier’s work, particularly if it is as inventive and well-designed as this. To read more, click here

- All


Discopath is very clearly designed for fans of the sleazy urban grindhouse flicks that inspired it, and wears its many cinematic influences proudly on its sleeve.  Thankfully it hits just about every nail square on the head, and feels set to become a modern cult classic in its own right, due to its immense charm and the sheer amount of fun it has with its audience. To read more, click here.

-Marc D’Amico, Addicted


Everything about DISCOPATH, in fact, feels appropriate to the period that’s its setting and its inspiration—the movie even looks just right, John Londono’s cinematography capturing the hues and image density of pictures from those decades past. Clearly a fan of the era, Gauthier doesn’t filter his affection through ironic detachment or condescend to the material; he’s simply created a film—making the most of his low budget, and bringing it in at a tight 80 minutes—that could easily have played on 42nd Street alongside the latest indie stalker flicks and Italian imports. To read more, click here

- Michael Gingold, FANGORIA Magazine


A retro-mad slasher pic about a man who’s just crazy for dance music.

- John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter